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Broken voices: A call to action to end rape

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Comment hidden. Core Membership. Terms of Service. The Lantern Meet of Poets is made up of mostly university students who share one thing in common. During this first themed recital and performance, they sounded out their splintered voices from within the revolution.

The writing, though familiarly presented, managed to achieve a simmering hyper-realism in the audience. Broken Voices of the Revolution stated, quite vehemently, the stalk difference between the entitled and unentitled classes of Ugandan citizenry in politics.

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Pointing out with very cynical humour how the once beacon of political hope in the NRM government has turned into a sceptic wound which puss will not stop running. The performance reflected on the melancholic despondency that has captured the generation of Uganda which is us. We are the ones who despite what our political science classes taught us: That a democracy is supposed to experience a change of government every five or ten years. They are the children of the revolution or rather, the remnant of it. Through their bi-annual recital, they have become a much anticipated event on the calendar of their ever growing audience.

Now, I have grown up with the prejudice that in Performance Poetry the performance matters as much as the words, because the performance entertains while the words inform.

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Without stage-presence in pronunciation, posture and projection, a poetry performance falls short. And short of sounding sexist, all the six females in the performance could have employed a bit more charisma in their performances, but that again may be argued as a directorial error.

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It is not enough just to be a female performer; you have to tick as well. I can make you move against your will Don't it make you sad to lose control? Every single thought of yours distracted Broken voices, I stunt your growth. Counteractive measures will misfire Intermittent noise will ensue Every single strike will be averted Sucking on the ice till you turn blue.

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