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How do you know, though? There are a few other things you'll want to do to make sure everyone has a good time at the dog park.

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Remember, dogs are like toddlers. Not sure if your dog is ready for the dog park? Err on the side of caution and consult your veterinarian.

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  • Need to make an appointment? Give us a call or fill out our online form! Main Hospital West Esplanade Clinic Kenner Clinic The park has provided clean-up stations throughout the park.

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    Pets are not permitted on designated swimming beaches. Clark Lake Park, Kent If you want quiet time away from other people and dogs, this park features multiple hiking trails. Lake Youngs Trail, Renton This is a great place for your dog to burn off energy. The long trail around the Lake Youngs reservoir has lots of trees for shade.

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    She lives with her three dogs in Port Angeles, Washington where she teaches dog training, hosts a call-in radio show PetSmith, and tends her extensive gardens. What reviewers are saying Smith states in her introduction, in a perfect world, dog parks wouldn't be necessary. But the world is far from perfect, and the dog park can be or at least seems to be a great option for providing dogs exercise and social opportunities In this easy-to-read manual, Smith provides everything you need to know to make going to the dog park fun and safe for you canine.

    She starts off with instructions on training your dog so you can help it succeed at the park She also instructs you on appropriate human dog park behavior. The Canine Observation Skills chapter provides excellent scenarios in which the author describes many different interactions at the dog park and allows the reader to interpret them The book also provides helpful instructions on conflict resolution In one slender volume, Smith provides practical information on virtually every aspect of visiting the dog park.

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    If visiting a dog park is in your future, read this book before you go. Smith, has written the ultimate book for anyone who takes their dog to a dog park or is thinking of doing so. Including everything from various canine personalities to how to train your dog and how to observe other dogs to better understand each individual situation, Smith leaves no stone or dog biscuit unturned! Dog park etiquette for people as well as their dogs, evaluating your dog to know if he's ready for a dog park experience and far more is packed into this excellent paperback.

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    • Rated 5 out of 5 paws Darlene Arden This topic is near and dear to my heart as I go to a dog park several times a week. They are not for every dog, and there are people who bring dogs that have no business being there.

      Seminar on Dog Park Culture: Staying Safe and Having Fun

      But when the park is filled with appropriate dogs and people, my dogs think there is no better place under the sun. Smith's first chapter is devoted to who should and should not use dog parks; it's a sad statement on society that oftentimes those who have no business being there are clueless about it. Give them this book. Smith goes on to discuss people who aren't suited to the park people who can't control their dogs, who ignore their dogs while socializing with other people, and don't obey the rules.

      She discusses the design and rules of dog parks. Dog parks can generate some level of controversy as to whether or not they are worthwhile, but Smith outlines both the pros and cons so well that if you have any questions at all about whether or not you should go with a certain dog, she can guide you to the answer. This paperback helps owners decide if their dog is ready for a dog park outing, whether the design of the park is sage for play, and also teaches owners simple things to prepare for a great dog park experience.


      The author instructs readers on how to read canine body language in order to avoid problems, as well as dog park etiquette for both dogs and humans. Smith is a dog trainer who hosts her own radio show, PetSmith, and has authored 11 books on dogs.

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      This book is not only for new dog park users. Much of the content should be read periodically by all dog park users. This book begins with what some may consider an alarmist tone, cautioning that dogs and people are bitten and fogs have even been killed at dog parks. It is important for new users to very clearly understand that there are good reasons for dog park rules and that not all dogs are dog park dogs Perhaps one of Ms.

      Smith's most important discussions addresses small dogs and dog parks.